Back to School The Big Opportunity for Automated Stores

This shopping season is forecasted to bring $86.6 bn plus sales

Why Store Automation is Need of the Hour for High Sales during Festive Season 2019?

Sellers who get ready now will stay ahead in the competition for upcoming bigger sale opportunity during Halloween($10bn), Cyber Monday($9bn), Christmas($10bn), New Year ($10bn), Black Friday ($7bn), Thanksgiving($4bn), Doubles Day($10bn), and Singles Day($32bn.


Automate your store one time and sell effortlessly multiple times during upcoming festivals in the next 5 months.


Don’t be a Seller without Store Automation and face the Problem that will Hamper your Sales during back-to-school Shopping Season


Get your store Automated for Back to School & Experience Greater ROI for Upcoming festivals too!!

Know What and When exactly to Sell during Back to School Shopping Season in an illustrative manner?

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Let me explain why store automation will bring you more sales this back-to-school shopping season and beyond.

You will receive hundreds of orders in an hour during peak hour how would you cope with it?

A festive season like Back to School is bound to see an influx of customers getting ready with stationery to arrive school. Imagine you get 500 orders then you don't want to manually update it and miss on ensuring are these orders shipped early enough to reach customers on the day you have promised to deliver.

Will I be able to change product prices?

Yes, the repricer feature will allow you to set the most competitive price for products. Marketplace will feature your product first to customers if the product is priced appropriately. This will increase the chances of the product being visible to more customers and eventually result in high number of sales.

Will I be able to customize products for back to school?

Yes, our solution is equipped with a product profiling feature. This feature allows the filtering of specific products and adds an extra attribute to products. Suppose you want to sell the product with free shipping so, it is possible to add this feature and display it to customers. In this way, you will be able to optimize the product to attract customers.

Will I be able to increase my product visibility?

The product visibility during the festive season should be maximum. This multiplies the rate of product purchase and to achieve it your product should be optimized. Integration solution makes it possible to update important product features like images, title, description, discount, color, size, specification and more. If you update these features means the product is optimized to give full product information and appeal to customers to the maximum. Doing this for hundreds of products is an easy task through our store solution for multiple marketplaces.

Is your Store ready to Sell? The Big question

Our experts will analyze the feasibility of your store and take into consideration your objective to offer you the most appropriate integration solution.

How many days will it take to automate my store for selling more?

Well, with our integration solution you will also get a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the app. He will ensure you are well versed with it to manage your store on your own instead of spending hours to figure it out.

I can manage my order manually why should I go for a store automation

It is possible to manage order manually but during the festive season, the orders arrive in extremely huge quantity as more customer plan to shop in comparison to normal days. Let us see why manual store management will hamper your sales. If you prefer to manually manage your store then you will spend hours to update your inventory, manage orders & shipping, upload products, and update product price, image, title & description. This being a manual process is prone to errors. If you automate your store then our solution will update inventory, order, and shipping in real-time. This will be done in minutes and eliminate any error that might arise due to manual updation. Also, you will be able to upload products in bulk and update product price, title, and description in a hassle-free manner.

How will I be able to ensure great customer experience during this festive season

Product delivery on time is the most important factor to ensure the great customer experience. Store automation will let you update the marketplace about delivery details of all the product within minutes. In this manner, you will appear as a customer-first seller as well as win the trust of the customer.

What if I have a problem with store management during peak hours

No Worries!! Our customer support is ready to serve 24/7. Our team is responsive and skilled to handle multiple requests at any time. We assure you to resolve technical glitches and get you back to take orders seamlessly.

Why choose cedcommerce for store automation

Our vision is to ease online selling and help the seller reach maximum potential. We are official channel partner of Google, Walmart, Sears, Bonanza, Fruugo, BigCommerce and more.


The average app rating is 4.9 stars on multiple platforms


24*7 responsive support via multiple mediums.


Personal Account Manager to help the sellers.



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Begin Your Back to School Sales with a Bang: 20% off on Mobile Apps

The festive season is back here. One of the most-awaited seasons of the year for the retailers – Back to School Sales- brings an opportunity to tap the increased demand for school items and supplies.

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