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How To Sell At Walmart Canada

What will the Webinar be about?

Walmart Canada tends to draw a total of 23.62 million visitors every month. Moreover, Cross-Border eCommerce is the next uprising trend in the eCommerce industry.

Thus, assisting merchants in every possible way to drive additional sales. The webinar aids merchants with step by step guidance to On Board at Walmart Canada Marketplace.

Explore every WHY and HOW of selling at Walmart Canada. Probe about the restrictions related to selling at Walmart Canada.

The webinar would guide you through the perks of selling at Walmart Canada. Prospect about the GMV, BN number and more such information.

The Webinar will also be answering frequently asked seller queries and provide insight into the best ways to sell at Walmart.
Join the Webinar by our EXPERTS and learn ways to fuel up your eCommerce sales!

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Grab these Perks:

  • Brief on Walmart Canada and Why should sellers be interested in selling on the platform
  • How can sellers proceed to obtain a seller panel on Walmart Canada and thereby go ahead with the sale
  • Different methods to sell on Walmart Canada
  • How can you On Board to Walmart Canada
  • Ways to improve your ROI ( Rate Of Investment)
  • Advantages to sell at Walmart Canada

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