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The beauty of eBay lies in its Marketplace- where millions of people trade every day. Sell on eBay for it is the perfect place for "collectors to trade".

eBay marketplace’s prime aim is to provide a global trading platform where anyone can sell on eBay everything- ranging from a needle to spare motor parts.

The CedCommerce’s eBay Integration For WooCommerce along with eBay’s GSP(Global Selling Program) facilitates you sell on eBay- with hassle-free International Shipping Options.

Thus, bringing your(sellers) products to a wider market. The eligible GSP listings enable you to sell on eBay by making your products visible to millions of buyers in more than 100 countries.

GSP sellers have encountered 15% increment in their sales rates- Are you one of them?

Integrate your WooCommerce store with the giant Marketplace- TODAY and sell on eBay to leverage the most secure form of shipping with their GPS Program.

Advantages to Sell on eBay marketplace-

Leverage the first 50 listings on eBay FREE

However, you are charged $0.30 per listings afterward. Read more here.

With such a huge customer base, eBay enables sellers ship anywhere in the world.

Sell on eBay and easily access superb savings on shipping with USPS which is often extended to over 30% at times.


Lowering shipping costs will attract huge traffic for your items.


Sell on eBay and leverage its remarkable SEO benefits-

Are you running your eCommerce store and despite of all your efforts your products aren’t ranking on the top?
Well, you surely can’t deny the SEO wonders offered by eBay- it’s time to sell on eBay and grab their excellent SEO benefit- Helping you list your products on top!

The Option to Auction

eBay has continued to remain the top auction marketplace for ages. It provides wider flexibility as a seller- you can bid items and sell on eBay to get a higher price.

However, for the majority of in-production items, you can use the eBay’s fixed price listings.

Become a Top Rated Seller and sell on eBay

Your consistent quality customer service rewards you with a Top-Seller notation on your listings which improves your search results.

  • Become a Top Rated Seller with- Same- or one-business-day handling.
  • Attract buyers with free returns- A 30-day or longer return period with money back option.

Get your eBay listings to the top-


Now that you have successfully listed your products on eBay- You must follow certain tactics to remain at the top and increase your products visibility on eBay.

Price Competitively Offering Reasonable Shipping Rates
Focus on Customer Satisfaction Become an eBay Top-rated Seller Meet eBay's Minimum Standards for All Sellers
Write effective titles Writing Effective Titles
Include Unique Identifiers- UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN eBay Item Specifics to sell on eBay
Provide as many specifics as possible Using Automatic Matching for eBay Item Specifics
List in the correct category Determining eBay Categories
List Using Variations Automatically Map Inventory Items to eBay Catalog Listings
Write a great Description Writing a Great Description
Include high-quality images Creating high-quality images

Services we provide

Round the clock support service:

We are one of the very few service providers that provide consistent support round the clock if you encounter any issue selling on the eBay marketplace. We’ll always be available to assist you.

Dedicated account manager:

Upon installing our app or extensions you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be handling your account on your behalf and help you throughout the process to sell on the eBay marketplace.
We offer exclusive custom features that are provided by none and results in improved sales and increased ROI by helping you with various aspects of the store.

Let's have a quick look on all of them-

item setup

item setup

eBay Integration For WooCommerce by CedCommerce, helps sellers feeding product data from their WooCommerce

eBay Integration For WooCommerce by CedCommerce, helps sellers manage orders of eBay from their WooCommerce

This will helps sellers to manage price of products

  • inventory
  • order
  • pricing
  • sell on ebay
  • sell on ebay
  • sell on ebay

Our awesome Feature

Product Data Validation

The eBay Integration For WooCommerce extension enables validating the product information in accordance with eBay standards and values.

Centralized order management

The orders can be easily acknowledged or canceled via our eBay Integration For WooCommerce through centralized order management system.

Bulk Uploading

The bulk product upload feature of eBay Integration For WooCommerce provides the flexibility of uploading any number of products on eBay Marketplace. However, the current version allows uploading Simple and Variable products on eBay.

Auto Acknowledgement of Order

The eBay Integration For WooCommerce allows orders to be acknowledged automatically as soon as they are created.

Easy product upload

You can easily sell on eBay with eBay Integration For WooCommerce by uploading products in a single click, the moment they are ready to be uploaded.

Real time stock updation

The eBay Integration For WooCommerce allows automatic stock updation on both ends- as soon as stock status is updated in your local shop or the moment when an order is marked shipped by eBay.

Simple Pricing
The eBay Integration For WooCommerce provides the product upload on eBay at an affordable price.
3rd Party Software Integration

The eBay Integration For WooCommerce provides easy integrations with ShipStation, ShipWorks, and Amazon FBA/FBM.

Prerequisites with current status

All prerequisites needed for the extension are displayed with their current status.

eBay Integration For WooCommerce enables you easily sell on eBay by importing the product that users have uploaded to eBay using any method. Directly to your WooCommerce panel.
Synchronized Product Listing

The eBay Integration For WooCommerce extension makes you familiar with- eBay operations and processes; configuration settings; product upload, and live training.

Profile feature for automating the procedure

Several profiles are created and assigned to the products for automating the upload procedure.


Screenshots eBay


why cedCommerce?

CedCommerce is one of the leading ecommerce facilitators providing integration to more than 3500 clients across the globe.

Clients have received more than a million orders and continue to grow till date. We consistently work towards solving client issues regarding sales and orders.

Our clients have been selling approximately 50 million + gmv through us and we have assisted them by delivering quality services and helped them sell more and more.







Comparative Study

Features Other Extension Providers CedCommerce
1. Manage any number of listings from WP Yes Yes
2. Set up a profile once and apply to multiple products yes yes
3. Verify items and get expected listing fees yes yes
4. Sync inventory between eBay and WordPress yes yes
5. Create eBay orders in WooCommerce yes yes
6. Choose categories from eBay and your eBay Store yes yes
7. National and International Shipping options yes yes
8. Supports Calculated Shipping Services yes yes
9. Support for product variations yes yes
10. Unique feature to split variations into single items yes yes
11. Create custom listing templates using WordPress post editor yes yes
12. Built-in template editor with HTML / CSS syntax highlighting yes yes
13. Manage / Automatize feedback yes yes
14. Private Listings yes yes
COST $199.00 $199.00
1. Extend split variations feature – let user choose attributes to split No $49.00FREE
2. Compatible to ShipStation Integration Plugin. No $49.00FREE
3. Compatible to Shipwork Integration Plugin. No $49.00FREE
4. Unlimited import products from eBay to Woo-store No $49.00FREE
5. Manage / Automatize Messages No $49.00FREE
1. Installation No $100.00FREE
2. Basic Configuration No $50.00FREE
3. Free Support No 30% of extension feesFREE
4. Unlimited Order Synchornisation No $150.00FREE
5. One to One Training No $150.00FREE
6. Premium oncall support No $300.00FREE
TOTAL COST $199.00
  • NY Moda

    I have my Woocommerce Store and started selling on Walmart. Who selling on Walmart knows how unproductive to do listings on Walmart itself. I had over two thousand products for sale in my store when decided to sell on Walmart. To list 2k products one by one on Walmart will take month’s or even years.

    NY Moda

  • Moontime Tea

    CEDCommerce went above and beyond and was there every step of the way to help me set up a successful selling program on both Jet.com and Walmart.com. This product is extremely easy to use for someone who has little technical background and they always respond to my questions in a timely manner. I am grateful to have found this platform!


  • Best solution


    Best solution to integrate with Walmart from WooCommerce. The technical team here is extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. 5 stars all the way!
    by Carlos on 5

  • Appreciate The Support


    Great team, they assisted me all the way when features were not syncing and got most of it running well.
    R Lee

  • Excellent support!!

    Wonderful support of Walmart integration Very Good, a team effort is awesome!

    Himmat Singh Dhaliwal

  • These guys always work incredibly hard to get my products online. We have over 8600 products which presents its own unique challenges. Thanks for the hard work and for helping to grow our business.

    Jeff Chambliss

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