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The revenue amounting to about US$ 500 billion till the beginning of the year 2018 alone proves Walmart to be the one and only marketplace for all the sellers worldwide, to merchandise perfectly.

Adhering to its tagline, “Save Money, Live Better", Walmart is continuing to grow manifolds every day by giving the life of ease and comfort to its users across the planet.

Why sell on Walmart?

Negating the question that should be Why Not Walmart?, glance through this formidable marketplace with an all-inclusive framework that :

  • Draws over 260 million customers worldwide every week, who visit around 11,000 Walmart stores under 59 banners in approximately 28 countries and eCommerce websites in 11 countries.

  • Continues to be a global leader in rendering sustainability and employment opportunity by engaging 2.3 million associates worldwide.

  • Provides the easiest access to the customers, thereby availing as many as 110 million products online that gives the customers, convenience to order products and pick them up at the local Walmart store.

Commingling the supreme technology with unparalleled retailing, Walmart marketplace stays on its toes to give its customers a sweeping range of the products they want. With Low Prices, Certified Satisfaction, Unmatched Service and 24x7 Eveready Availablity, Walmart is indeed elevating the E-Commerce world and uplifting the buying experience.


Benefits of Selling on Walmart Marketplace :

Booming Growth in your Customer Base – Walmart has a Massive Customer Base and selling on it gives your products an extraordinary exposure to the larger clientele. Result? Skyrocketing sales and improved conversion rates. Not only this, you can also expand your customer base with the Promotional Pricing Strategy. Walmart empowers you to use this pricing in two ways-
Seller Center and API method.

Discover the entire concept behind Walmart’s Promotional Pricing here.

Pay when you Sale with the Walmart API – With an exceptional policy, a seller doesn't need to pay until sales have been started. While selling at Walmart, a seller needs to pay when the sale takes place and get charged with a particular commision per sale, in addition to the cost of shipping. In the process, the payment and processing are handled by Walmart aptly.

These commision scales vary with respect to the category of goods as well as the competing marketplaces which tend to be around 15%.

Walmart’s Buy Box proves to be of immense help. As it helps you stand different from the mob of sellers and always showcases your product at the top during searches. Know everything about winning a Buy Box here.


Add Walmart's Panache to your Brand – By selling on Walmart, you have a whole world of opportunities to thrive your sales and brand reach. With its colossal reach and status of being a one-stop shop for buyers worldwide, you may elevate your business and experience unprecedented results. It gives you an edge over your competition and makes you a class-apart seller with the Walmart’s Buy Box. It helps you showcase your product at the top during searches, increasing its visibility. Click and explore everything about winning a Buy Box here.

Ensure the below mentioned Product Data Feed in your list of Inventory-

  • Item name along with a short description
  • Image location
  • Manufacturing Number
  • UPC or GTIN code for the item
  • SKU of the item
  • Price of the item
  • Tax code for the item

Go through our complete manual to Reduce Cancellation Rate, Out Of Order Stock And Return rate in Walmart marketplace here.

Sell your product at Walmart with below Walmart Supported Categories

Expansive categories at Walmart Marketplace are mentioned below:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Camera and Photo
  • Large Appliances
  • Computer Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Accessories
  • Musical Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Grocery & Consumables
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Institutional Supply
  • Tires & Wheel Products
  • Shoes
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys
  • Watches
  • Office Products
  • Pets
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Ventilation
  • Media (Video Games, Music, Books, Software)
  • Cell Phones (category approval required)
  • Consumer Electronics (including video game consoles)
  • Home (including Kitchen, Garden, Small Kitchen Appliances)


  • For the successful integration of your Magento Store with Walmart, you are required to have the access keys which can be received from the Walmart dashboard.

  • You can get the access keys once you have signed-in to your seller account on Walmart marketplace.

  • In case you are new and do not have an account on Walmart marketplace, you can create it easily and get the Access Keys by referring our form "How to get an API for Walmart marketplace".

Our Service. Your Ease.

24X7 Ongoing Support:

Being one of those service providers who design our services and support on the model of unending assistance, we provide you help whenever you need it to sell your product on Walmart. We avail our services 24x7.

Commitment-driven Account Managers:

Once you've installed our App or Extensions, we will assign a dedicated Account Manager to look after all your needs and handle your account on your behalf. The manager will help you throughout the selling process to make you familiar with selling on Walmart Marketplace, the easy way.

In addition to this, we also offer the Exclusive Custom FeaturesProvided Only by Us that result in thriving sales and increased ROI by helping you with various aspects of the store.

Let's have a quick look on all of them-

item setup

item setup

Get your product's inventory Automatically Updated on Walmart in accordance with your Magento store.

Walmart-Magento integration helps you Manage Orders from your Magento store and update the inventory as per the orders.

Get the prices of your products updated on Walmart as they are on your Magento store, Automatically.

  • inventory
  • order
  • cron
  • sell on walmart
  • sell on walmart
  • sell on walmart

What Do We Offer?

Product Data Validation

CedCommerce not only integrates products on Walmart via Magento extensions but also enables the validation of product information in-sync with the Walmart marketplace policies, standard, and values.

Easy product upload

Products can be uploaded in a single click on Walmart, with our extension, whenever it is needed.

Bulk Uploading

Worried about uploading a large number of products? Make it a thing of past. Now upload products in bulk on Walmart and forget the manual work with the Walmart marketplace API integration extension.

Auto Acknowledgement of Order

With CedCommerce’s Walmart-Magento integration, now orders can get acknowledged automatically as soon as they are placed.

Profile feature for automating the procedure

With this integration, now you can create the profiles and assign products to them for automating the upload procedure on Walmart marketplace.

Centralized order management

The orders can now be easily acknowledged or canceled through the centralized order management system using CedCommerce’s Walmart integration with Magento extension.

Real time stock updation

Stocks can be updated automatically on both ends- Walmart and Magento Store- as stock status gets updated on your local shop as soon as it is marked shipped by Walmart.

Simple Pricing

To keep you selling experience pocket-friendly, we provide the product upload on Walmart at an affordable price.

3rd Party Software Integration

Easy integrations with ShipStation and ShipWorks to enable easy and effortless shipping.

Prerequisites with current status

All essentials needed for the extension get displayed with their current status.

Feed status

Feed of all API requests made to Walmart is logged through which all details of that feed can be viewed on Magento.

Product Data Validation

The impeccable API integration by Official Walmart Channel Partner helps to integrate the Magento store with Walmart by establishing a synchronization of products, orders and refunds with the help of Walmart API.



Documentation for Magento 1

Documentation for Magento 2

Why CedCommerce?

CedCommerce – One of world's leading E-Commerce Web Development Agencies currently providing the Integration to 3500+ Clients worldwide.

With our clients receiving more than a Million Orders vis Integration and still flourishing, we aim to bring a never-seen-before revolution in the world of E-Commerce Integration.

To give our clients a Hassle-Free Selling via Integration, we work incessantly towards resolving all their issues, queries, and processes regarding sales and orders.

Our clients have been experiencing as much as US$50 million + Gross Merchandise Value(GMV) through us. We have been assisting them by delivering Quality and Dedication-driven services and help them sell more and more every day.







some irresistible services

duration fee
installation 2 $100 #FREE
basic configuration 1 $50 #FREE
unlimited listing on walmart 2 $30/per 1000 #FREE
free support 90 days 30% of extension price #FREE
unlimited order synchronisation lifetime $150 #FREE
general system review & order knowledge base 1 $50 #FREE
one to one training 3 $150 #FREE
premium(on call) support 10 $300 #FREE
total $900 #FREE


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